The Keys to Safety Against Car Theft!
From January 2013 to October 2013 there were over 200 vehicles stolen in south Trinidad alone!! With statistics like this you’d be mad not to try and protect yourself from car theft, but what exactly can you do to stop opportunists from stealing your car?

With criminals getting more and more inventive it’s up to us to foil their plans and GPS Tracking Systems are a great way to do just that. Reports have shown that since GPS Tracking became available, car theft has decreased significantly; in some American states police forces have reported a massive 78% reduction in the amount of reported car thefts. However, if you are lucky enough to live in Trinidad and Tobago then you have even more reason to protect yourself from car theft. There are even cars being stolen from the San Fernando General Hospital Car Park.  

GPS tracking systems are not much bigger than a mobile phone and can be easily concealed in all types of vehicles, including trailers and lorries as well as cars and motorbikes. Your tracking system will allow you to pinpoint exactly where your vehicle is and gain remote access so if it should be stolen recovery is almost guaranteed. Many insurance companies in Trinidad and Tobago are now offering a discount on insurance premiums for cars that are protected by anti-theft tracking systems, so as well as protecting your car you will be protecting your pocket.

In April 2012 the owner of an exotic car rental company in Los Angeles used GPS tracking to recover a Ferrari 458 Italia that had been rented out for $2,000 per day. The owner grew suspicious when his tracking system showed that the vehicle had been stationary for a number of days after renting and police tracked the car down to Hong Kong where it had been shipped, along with other vehicles worth £1.5 million, by a member of an international car crime syndicate.

However, don’t be fooled into thinking it’s only luxury vehicles that will benefit from GPS tracking systems, the vehicle most likely to be stolen in Trinidad and Tobago is undoubtedly Nissan cars, Tiida currently being the favorite followed by Almera. From January to October alone 130 of the over 200 vehicles stolen were of the Nissan Brand. Due to its value for scrap metal and the learnt break in method, Nissan Vehicles is a favorite among car thieves.

Car theft is an issue wherever you are and whatever car you drive, protect yourself with anti-theft devices including GPS tracking systems to ensure your car can be recovered if it is stolen.


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