GPS Anti-theft Device in Trinidad
Sign up now for you GPS anti-theft system and get the first month free tracking service. We currently offer the most reliable and definitely the most feature rich anti-theft solution in Trinidad and Tobago. GPS tracking devices are currently the only technology that helps you to recover your car in the best condition possible after it has been stolen. Our diverse map options has almost all roads in Trinidad and Tobago and is constantly being updated.

What features you get:
  • See exact location of your vehicle
  • Full history of the vehicle
  • Parking reports of location and time parked
  • Speed reports
  • Distance traveled reports
  • Door open/closed reports
  • Immobilize and starter kill your vehicle remotely
  • Tow alert
  • Battery dead alert
  • Call your vehicle and talk or listen in.
  • Hidden SOS button to send location to 3 phones and to the online system
  • Engine Status(On/Off)
  • Door Open/ Closed Status
  • Low car battery alert
  • Backup Battery
  • SMS alerts
  • Wide variety of map options such as Google Map, Satellite, Hybrid, OpenStreet and even Earth.

Our wide range of map options always ensure full coverage in both Trinidad and Tobago

Contact Us for details and pricing.



04/25/2013 7:27am

This is great

04/25/2013 8:22pm

Seems really comprehensive

04/25/2013 9:22pm

Yes it is. I have it installed and it is the best system I have yet seen due to the many alerts and options. Plus the customer service is great. Happy customer here.

04/26/2013 8:09pm

I do agree with u Stephen as I myself have this device and it has exceeded my expectations.. Another satisfied customer here..

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I think it's a great device to secure you from thief's, nowadays stolen ratio going too up, but i think it's a good device you to secure you from thief's.

02/13/2017 11:54am

Now a days GPS Tracking devices are very important .The diverse map has almost all optons. So the screen of the phone should not be damaged. To prevent it from any kind of damage visit where you can get proper service in cheapest rate.


Having a gps would be a good idea these day.

02/26/2017 1:42am

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