GPS Trinidad

  • Reduced risk of theft: 
The real-time tracking of your fleet of vehicles, plant and equipment construction allows you to secure against theft.

  • The rapid recovery of stolen vehicles: 
In case of theft you determine the exact location of a stolen vehicle and the immediate action to recover.

  • Stops Remote: 
Determine and control the stopping distance of a vehicle to ensure safety (The stopping distance of a vehicle is the distance required to stop a vehicle due to its speed).· SOS button in case of problem (incident, robbery etc ...)

  • Immobilization and remote shutdown of the vehicle.· 
Detection of shock, even in the off position.· Battery: internal battery allows geolocation when the main vehicle battery is disconnected.· Built-in alarm: works by GPS mode to locate and recover the stolen vehicle.

We at Gaffar GPS Solutions strive to keep you informed about the technology which you are investing in and how it is beneficial to you. If you have any questions, concerns, or need assistance or even some free advice feel free to Contact Us.

GPS Tracking in Trinidad
For any of you have been unfortunate enough to have had your vehicle or equipment stolenyou recognize that to call it an inconvenience is an understatement.
Of course after having been through this, you certainly do not wish to experience that again. If you have been fortunate enough not to have this happen to you, then you would want to do what you can to make certain that it never happens to you.

Many of the security systems on the market make a lot of noise, but they are not sophisticated enough anymore to deter those really determined thieves that really know the ins and outs of these systems and are aware of their flaws and bypasses. 
When last have you actually took alert to someone elses alarm making noise other than simply calling it irritating? It is sad to say, but professional thieves make it their business to keep themselves  up to date on the latest advancements in their "line of work" the same way you do.

Using a GPS-based solution can give you much more protection and much less worries. A GPS anti-theft vehicle tracking unit can tell you where your vehicle or equipment is in an instant if it is stolen or missing. Depending on the GPS tracking unit you choose, you will be able to access information about the exact location, speed, route and full history of your vehicle, even if the thief cuts the battery cable. That is why you want the GPS tracker with the battery backup and some sort of online user access.

Fortunately, installing a GPS anti-theft tracking system not only keeps your vehicle safer, it can also help keep your insurance premiums down. Some companies in Trinidad and Tobago currently give discounts to drivers who install these devices. You spend less money and you can have your vehicle stay right where you want it.

GPS Anti-theft Device in Trinidad
Sign up now for you GPS anti-theft system and get the first month free tracking service. We currently offer the most reliable and definitely the most feature rich anti-theft solution in Trinidad and Tobago. GPS tracking devices are currently the only technology that helps you to recover your car in the best condition possible after it has been stolen. Our diverse map options has almost all roads in Trinidad and Tobago and is constantly being updated.

What features you get:
  • See exact location of your vehicle
  • Full history of the vehicle
  • Parking reports of location and time parked
  • Speed reports
  • Distance traveled reports
  • Door open/closed reports
  • Immobilize and starter kill your vehicle remotely
  • Tow alert
  • Battery dead alert
  • Call your vehicle and talk or listen in.
  • Hidden SOS button to send location to 3 phones and to the online system
  • Engine Status(On/Off)
  • Door Open/ Closed Status
  • Low car battery alert
  • Backup Battery
  • SMS alerts
  • Wide variety of map options such as Google Map, Satellite, Hybrid, OpenStreet and even Earth.

Our wide range of map options always ensure full coverage in both Trinidad and Tobago

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GPS Tracking system in Trinidad
What if there was an easier way to recover your stolen vehicle. Would you consider using the latest technology available to help lower your insurance premiums, locate your vehicle instantly and catch the person responsible? Well now you can use GPS tracking in Trinidad and Tobago. There were more than 500 vehicles reported stolen in Trinidad and Tobago just last year and more than half of those were never recovered. If they were recovered many sustained damage costing its owners more money and headaches. Yet only about 10% of the thieves are ever caught and prosecuted.

When a GPS tracking system is installed in your vehicle you will have peace of mind knowing where your vehicle is at all times. You have seen the movie's where the valley parking attendants take a person’s vehicle and go for a joy ride. Now wouldn't it be nice to know that your vehicle is safely tucked in the garage like it is suppose to be. I know that isn't really famous in Trinidad but the same case applies when someone else is driving your car. You can even ensure that your loved ones are safe just as I always do with the system. Never again will you have to call a number and wait for someone to tell you the location of your vehicle. With a GPS system from Gaffar GPS Solutions all you need is your mobile phone and you are instantly protected and know where your vehicle is at all times.

With more vehicles being stolen every year it is getting harder to catch the culprits responsible. With a GPS tracking system in Trinidad you can help out law enforcement and catch the criminals within a few hours for the most. Otherwise the process of even just finding your vehicle could take days sometimes even weeks with little chance of ever catching the thief. The second you report your vehicle stolen you can alert the officer that you have GPS tracking installed on your vehicle and they can take you right to it. With any luck the culprit will still be with the vehicle.

Insurance with anti theft systems like GPS tracking installed are vastly cheaper that those without. So now you have peace of mind that your vehicle is protected you are also saving cash for your vehicle as well.  With which over time a GPS tracking system installed pays for its self over and over again. You could save ten or even twenty percent off your insurance premium every year just for having a GPS tracking system installed on your car in Trinidad and Tobago.

Before you fall victim to a car theft and obtaining massive damages to your vehicle, look into getting one of these GPS tracking systems in Trinidad installed. So you too can save money on insurance, have peace of mind knowing your car is safe and ensure that you do not fall victim to recovering your vehicle after it has been damaged. Let the latest technology work for you and protect your vehicle before it is too late. Feel free to Contact Us at anytime for more information and to address your specific needs.

The Keys to Safety Against Car Theft!
From January 2013 to October 2013 there were over 200 vehicles stolen in south Trinidad alone!! With statistics like this you’d be mad not to try and protect yourself from car theft, but what exactly can you do to stop opportunists from stealing your car?

With criminals getting more and more inventive it’s up to us to foil their plans and GPS Tracking Systems are a great way to do just that. Reports have shown that since GPS Tracking became available, car theft has decreased significantly; in some American states police forces have reported a massive 78% reduction in the amount of reported car thefts. However, if you are lucky enough to live in Trinidad and Tobago then you have even more reason to protect yourself from car theft. There are even cars being stolen from the San Fernando General Hospital Car Park.  

GPS tracking systems are not much bigger than a mobile phone and can be easily concealed in all types of vehicles, including trailers and lorries as well as cars and motorbikes. Your tracking system will allow you to pinpoint exactly where your vehicle is and gain remote access so if it should be stolen recovery is almost guaranteed. Many insurance companies in Trinidad and Tobago are now offering a discount on insurance premiums for cars that are protected by anti-theft tracking systems, so as well as protecting your car you will be protecting your pocket.

In April 2012 the owner of an exotic car rental company in Los Angeles used GPS tracking to recover a Ferrari 458 Italia that had been rented out for $2,000 per day. The owner grew suspicious when his tracking system showed that the vehicle had been stationary for a number of days after renting and police tracked the car down to Hong Kong where it had been shipped, along with other vehicles worth £1.5 million, by a member of an international car crime syndicate.

However, don’t be fooled into thinking it’s only luxury vehicles that will benefit from GPS tracking systems, the vehicle most likely to be stolen in Trinidad and Tobago is undoubtedly Nissan cars, Tiida currently being the favorite followed by Almera. From January to October alone 130 of the over 200 vehicles stolen were of the Nissan Brand. Due to its value for scrap metal and the learnt break in method, Nissan Vehicles is a favorite among car thieves.

Car theft is an issue wherever you are and whatever car you drive, protect yourself with anti-theft devices including GPS tracking systems to ensure your car can be recovered if it is stolen.

Sign up now for you GPS anti-theft system and get the first month free tracking service.
We currently offer the most reliable and definitely the most feature rich anti-theft solution. GPS tracking technology is currently the only device that helps you to recover your car in the best condition possible after it has been stolen.

What features you will get:
  • See exact location of your vehicle
  • Full history of the vehicle
  • Parking reports of location and time parked
  • Speed reports
  • Distance traveled reports
  • Door open/closed reports
  • Immobilize your vehicle
  • Tow alert
  • Listen in or call your vehicle (for emergency purposes)
  • SOS button to send location to 3 phones if there is an emergency.
  • Low car battery alert.

Contact Us for details and pricing.

Offer expires on December 21st, 2012.

What happens when your car is stolen? Likely it is gone for good. Even if it is eventually located, it is usually no longer in driving condition. But what if there was no need for a lengthy and uncertain search for your stolen car? With a GPS tracking system, you can exactly where your car is at all times. These systems are known as “Global Positioning Systems” and they can provide a visual representation of where your vehicle is at any given time. The important thing to do with the GPS tracking system is make sure you have it properly installed in your car. And once that is taken care of, you can find your car no matter where it goes. 
A GPS tracking system in a car consists of very few components, and it is very easy to install. A GPS receiver is needed, as this is what connects the vehicle to the satellite (and then the satellite relays the information to your location). Additionally, it is necessary to have two antennae: a GPS antenna, and a cellular antenna. You can directly power these items by hooking into the car’s power, or you can make use of a replaceable battery pack. 

The only other things one needs for a GPS tracking system for the car is the proper software and some sort of device for receiving the information. This is most often a computer or laptop. It is even possible to receive the information on your car’s whereabouts on a mobile phone. A map appears, and your vehicle is represented on the map in a readable format. It is also possible to get an address of the car’s location. This makes tracking a stolen car rather easy, and makes it possible that the likelihood that you recover your car increases. 
Many people are using a GPS tracking system in Trinidad and Tobago to better protect their cars. 
Additionally, there are even companies that use this technology to offer services to their customers. OnStar is one of the main companies that make use of GPS tracking system technology on behalf of customers. 
But you can have that ability yourself if you choose the added vehicle protection of a GPS vehicle device and that is why companies like us at Gaffar GPS Solutions exist today.

GPS Tracking Helps in Trinidad
Ever had those awkward times where you had to take directions to some new place and you had absolutely no idea where you had to go? I had that embarrassing moment several time but I rarely get into those situations now thanks to GPS tracking.

Several times I would have to go meet with my parents or siblings when they go to some new place and I would be completely lost as to where I had to go.  I am terrible at taking directions and especially for new places so the result would be me just being confused and embarrassed and I still would not know where to go. I would find myself calling to make sure I am in the correct place and wondering whether I took a wrong turn. 

Then there where the other times where the directions you get doesn't even help. You would get the "Look for the sign with xxxxxxxxx and then take a right turn after" and then "Drive about 5km after you are on the road and look for the house with the big gate".

 At times like that I would wish there were an easier way for this to be done. Fortunately there is now, I can simply log into the tracking system and find the exact location of the other vehicle, then it is a simple matter of just planning our route. Many times I would even discover much shorter routes than the one the first car took. 

I was even much more confident when I was driving in this new area and didn't worry as much about that dreaded wrong turn. I could easily find the exact road I was on through the tracking system and switch to satellite view to get a better idea of where exactly I was.

Now I'm sure you are saying well that would only work if the other car had GPS tracking installed. While this is true I also had times where I had to take directions and all I had to do was pull open the tracking system and find the exact roads which they were talking about. One client even said that they stopped using any other maps all together since our system will have that map plus others so it's just a matter of using the preferred map. Luckily our maps at Gaffar GPS Solutions has almost all the roads in Trinidad and Tobago with new content being added on a regular basis.

Another solution which works if I had to follow a friend or family member was to simply toss in my personal tracking device and see their exact location. After I get to them all I had to do was to just take the device and put it in my pocket since it is smaller than my cell phone. I even gave my little brother the device to carry with him when he goes out to ensure his safety and so that whoever is picking him up will know exactly where. That is why I bought it in the first place but found it to be useful in so much other areas so I had to get more.

Well this was just some of my first hand experiences of GPS tracking for personal use and there are much more uses for it. If you have anything you would like to add, suggest or ask please feel free as this is why I added this section in the website.

We at Gaffar GPS Solutions strive to keep you informed about the technology which you are investing in and how it is beneficial to you. If you have any questions, concerns, or need assistance or even some free advice feel free to Contact Us.

Seeing that the price of gas is currently on the rise in both Trinidad and Tobago and in the whole world, finding ways of increasing efficiency and saving time spent on the road is of utmost importance to businesses whether they have either a small fleet or a large fleet.

This is where GPS tracking technology comes in. GPS tracking helps your business to stay ahead of the pack by analysing and recording details as quickly and efficiently as possible. With better fleet management you as a business owner can get results such as saved time which leads to the ability of having an even greater output and you therefore target more customers and this therefore increases revenue. You would also be able to save fuel  and decrease maintenance costs as well decrease vehicle downtime there increasing the company output and therefore saving money.

  • Our GPS tracking solution tracks your fleet's history, recording the number of routes and time efficiency of the routes, drivers, and vehicles. With this information you would now be able to make much better management decisions that you would not be able to make with GPS tracking Technology.
  • According to Ford Motor Company, "every hour that a vehicle is idling is equal to approximately 25 miles of driving."  GPS tracking can show managers when the vehicle starts, when it’s in motion and when it’s sitting – details that can help cut down on idling time and increase efficiency.
  • You no longer have to worry about whether your reputation could be tarnished by a rogue driver as I'm sure you find yourself constantly worrying about this especially in Trinidad and Tobago.
  • You would also be much more capable in making on the spot decisions that you would not be able to without GPS tracking and especially in an emergency.

American Signature, Inc, a furniture company in the eastern US, implemented GPS tracking for 50 of its 130 total stores in 2009. As a result of the improvements made to their delivery systems through fleet management software , the company has since seen a 15% reduction in miles traveled per store, a 20% reduction in overtime for the delivery teams, and an 11% increase in dollars of merchandise delivered per mile traveled (Aberdeen Group, 2009).

The use of fleet tracking systems in the US is expected to double in the next four years, from 13.3 million to 30.4 million in 2016 according to ABI Research. “The commercial telematics market continues to enjoy good overall growth as smaller fleets and new non-trucking segments such as delivery, service and public and private transportation are being addressed by vendors offering more affordable solutions,” said Dominique Bonte, VP of Telematics and M2M at ABI.

As more options for fleet tracking emerge, the communication and management capabilities of GPS technology benefits manufacturing businesses both large and small. Businesses can use it to find the most direct driving routes, adapt to current traffic conditions on the fly, and streamline their procedures to be both timely and cost-effective. That is why most businesses in Trinidad and Tobago are embracing GPS technology with open arms

Feel free to Contact Us should you have any questions and we would be more than willing to address your concern.

Today's most advanced car security systems is GPS tracking with capabilities that are extremely helpful in locating an apprehended vehicle.  Beyond the ability to pinpoint the vehicle's location, these GPS tracking systems offer many two way communication options to car owners.  Owners are automatically notified via phone call or text message if a car has been broken into.  Owners can also contact the cars remotely through the GPS trackers  

From anywhere in the world, these car alarms GPS tracking devices can be armed or disarmed with a phone call or text message. You can manage your vehicle in Trinidad and Tobago from wherever in the world you are located. Doors can be locked or unlocked by dialing into the GSM alarm.  And, the car's status in many areas can be remotely determined.  Wondering if the doors are open or shut?  Wondering if the car alarm has been engaged?  With the capabilities of GPS tracking you can wonder no more.  These systems can even tell you if the engine is running, regardless of its location. 

A highly desirable security feature of the GPS tracking devices is that they allow the car's owner to remotely immobilize the car at any time and from any location to thwart a robbery attempt.  The car owner can also engage or disengage the vibration sensor, and even determine the reason why the car alarm activated before notifying the owner via phone call or text message.

Within moments of a break-in, the GPS tracking car alarm will call or text the car's owner to advise them of the situation.  Because these systems are able to discern the particulars of the break-in situation, the owner notification also offers the owner important information about how to proceed.  And, if silent mode has been selected, these things can be accomplished without ever alerting the thief that the alarm has engaged.

The additional cost of adding GPS tracking to your car alarm is actually quite reasonable when compared to the cost of otherwise trying to recover an apprehended vehicle.   These GPS tracking car alarm features are being utilized in Trinidad and Tobago by individual car owners as well as car rental and fleet management firms to manage their assets in a cost-effective, proactive manner.  Any car alarm will offer some peace of mind to the car's owner, but these GPS tracking features take this to a whole new level in the global marketplace.


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